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Navigating C10 Lowering Spindles: Importance of Brake Rotor Measurement

Navigating C10 Lowering Spindles: Importance of Brake Rotor Measurement

Posted by Trekline Motorsports Tips on Jul 31st 2023

When it comes to upgrading your Chevrolet C10 truck with our Trekline Motorsports lowering spindles, there's a critical step you need to perform to ensure you're getting the right parts for your vehicle. This step involves measuring the thickness of your front brake rotors. It's an essential task because of the two different brake setups - light-duty and heavy-duty - that were used in these classic trucks. In this article, we'll guide you through the reasons behind this need and how to measure your brake rotors correctly.

Understanding the C10's Brake Setup Variations

Chevrolet's C10 series, known for their durability and versatility, came with two distinct brake setups. Depending on the model, your truck might feature a light-duty or a heavy-duty brake system. These systems have unique specifications and require different spindles to accommodate the brake assembly correctly. Hence, the need to determine the exact type of brake setup you have in your C10 before buying lowering spindles.

Identifying the Brake Rotor Size

The most reliable method to identify the type of brake system on your truck is by measuring the thickness of your front brake rotors. For the heavy-duty brake setup, the rotors are typically about 1.25" thick. On the other hand, the light-duty setup comes with rotors that are approximately 1" thick.

How to Measure Your Brake Rotors Correctly

To measure your brake rotors:

  1. Securely park your C10 truck on a flat surface.
  2. Remove the front wheel where the brake rotor is located.
  3. Using a reliable and accurate tool, like a caliper or even a simple ruler, measure the thickness of the rotor.

Considering Rotor Wear

Over time and with use, brake rotors tend to wear down. This wear can slightly reduce the thickness of the rotors. For instance, if you measure a rotor that is approximately 1.15" thick, this indicates that the rotors have worn down by about 0.10". In this case, you still have a heavy-duty brake setup, and you should select the spindles that are designed to fit the heavy-duty brake system.

Selecting the Right Lowering Spindles

By determining the thickness of your brake rotors and identifying whether you have a light-duty or heavy-duty brake setup, you can confidently choose the correct lowering spindles for your C10. At Trekline Motorsports, we manufacture lowering spindles that are custom-tailored for both types of brake setups, ensuring a perfect fit and function for your vehicle.

Remember, selecting the right parts for your truck is essential to maintain its performance and safety. It's worth taking the extra time to measure your brake rotors and ensure you're getting the correct parts for your truck's specifications. And as always, our team at Trekline Motorsports is here to assist you in making the right choice for your C10.

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